BISSO MARINE : Offshore Salvage

Since 1890, BISSO MARINE has been a leader in marine salvage operations in the United States. As an offshore salvage contractor, BISSO MARINE has become synonymous with safety, service and reliability in the offshore salvage arena. BISSO MARINE is totally committed to the safety, health and welfare of its team, its customers, and the environment. Marine casualties pose special risks to marine life and marine ecosystems. BISSO MARINE mitigates those risks through “control and containment.” The BISSO MARINE offshore salvage philosophy is summed up with five simple rules: Zero Discharge! Total Recovery! Total Stop Work Authority! NO Failures to Communicate! NO Shortcuts!

BISSO MARINE’s objective is to execute the work and be the safest salvage contractor by any measure, regardless of task. Whether salvaging deep draft ships, oilfield vessels, or platforms, our customers should expect and will receive unsurpassed service, quality, safety and professionalism.