BISSO MARINE specializes in salvage of vessels and wreck removal from the black waters and swift currents of the Mississippi River and other equally hazardous waterways. The versatility of BISSO MARINE’s specialized equipment fleet of robust A-frame derrick barges and other salvage support assets allows BISSO MARINE to solve complex and dangerous salvage problems when others simply cannot.

When salvage requires a wreck removal solution, often the salvage casualty it too large or too damaged to be lifted or refloated intact. When a massive cutting requirement exists, BISSO MARINE has the tools for the job. Whether using its patented surgical precision “diamond wire” heave compensated cutting link system or the brute force of a cutting chain, BISSO MARINE has the experience to safely and successfully perform the task. BISSO MARINE recognizes that marine casualties pose special risks to marine life and ecosystems and mitigates those risks through “control and containment.” The BISSO MARINE salvage philosophy is summed up with five simple rules: Zero Discharge! Total Recovery! Total Stop Work Authority! NO Failures to Communicate! NO Shortcuts!