BISSO MARINE : Reverse Pipelay

BISSO MARINE entered the offshore midstream gathering and transmission pipeline and infrastructure market in early 2005 and quickly established itself as a market force on the Outer Continental Shelf. When offshore midstream gathering and transmission pipelines and accompanying infrastructure reach the end of their useful lifecycle, the pipelines and infrastructure are abandoned in place or removed. BISSO MARINE has developed a Reverse Pipelay process which securely contains and controls pipelines as they are removed from the seafloor. The Reverse Lay process can be performed on both abandoned or non-abandoned midstream gathering and transmission pipelines.

BISSO MARINE earned its reputation of delivering safety, service and reliability to all of its customers – from super majors to small independents – due to its total commitment to the safety, health and welfare of its employees, its customers, and the environment. BISSO MARINE believes that a safe workforce is a drug free workforce, and therefore goes above and beyond the DOT drug testing requirements. The BISSO MARINE pipeline philosophy is summed up with three simple rules: Total Stop Work Authority! NO Failures to Communicate! NO Shortcuts!

BISSO MARINE’s objective is to execute its work and be the safest offshore midstream gathering and transmission pipeline and diving contractor by any measure, regardless of task. Whether a super major or small independent, our customers can expect to receive unsurpassed service, quality, safety and professionalism.