BISSO MARINE : Thruster/BOP Swapout

Since developing the procedure in early 2005, BISSO MARINE has successfully completed scores of thruster keel hauling operations in water as deep as 6,500 feet. Having performed this service on semi-submersibles and drillships for leading drilling contractors, BISSO MARINE has become synonymous with safety, service and reliability in the thruster servicing arena. BISSO MARINE is totally committed to the safety, health and welfare of its team, its customers, and the environment. The BISSO MARINE thruster servicing philosophy is summed up with four simple rules: Minimal Rig Downtime! Total Stop Work Authority! NO Failures to Communicate! NO Shortcuts!

BISSO MARINE’s objective is to execute the work and be the safest offshore contractor by any measure, regardless of task. When dealing with BISSO MARINE, the “dynamically positioned” drilling industry has come to expect and will continue to receive unsurpassed service, quality, safety and professionalism.