BISSO MARINE : Pipeline Burial

BISSO MARINE’s pipeline burial & excavation portable high pressure and high volume packages can be deployed worldwide and used from BISSO MARINE assets or local vessels of availability; the supporting asset can be conventionally moored or dynamically positioned.

Since most major international pipelay contractors do not have burial capabilities on- board their pipelay barges or vessels. BISSO MARINE can perform stand alone burial projects as a subcontractor to support large diameter pipelay operations performed by other contractors.

The BISSO MARINE laybarges have on-board jetting systems for most burial requirements. In more challenging cases, the BISSO MARINE laybarges can be supplemented by the portable high pressure and high volume packages for deeper waters, deeper burial, high vane sheer soils or sugar sandy conditions.

Other non-pipelay specific BISSO MARINE barges and vessels or third party assets can be outfitted with the portable high pressure and high volume packages, tools and sleds to support any pipeline burial or excavation project.

BISSO MARINE’s objective is to execute the work and be the safest pipeline burial & excavation contractor by any measure, regardless of task. Whether a super major or small independent, our customers can expect to receive unsurpassed service, quality, safety and professionalism.