2012 – 0.31
2013 – 0.30
2014 – 0.42
2015 – 0.32
2016 – 0.49
2017 – 0.00












2011-2012 – 0.87
2012-2013 – 0.82
2014-2014 – 0.80
2014-2015 – 0.79
2015-2016 – 0.79
2016-2017 – 0.81




2012 – 1,275,119
2013 – 1,324,962
2014 – 1,901,662
2015 – 1,249,976
2016 – 814,089
2017 – 150,313





Having been in business in since 1890, BISSO MARINE learned long ago that nothing we do is more important than the safety of our people and the environment. With safety as our guiding principle, BISSO MARINE will not take a job unless we believe it can be performed safely. From job screening, to job planning, to job execution, we carefully consider the impact our work will have on our people and the environment. Our team of engineers, project managers, superintendents, foremen, and laborers work hand-in-hand with our Health, Safety, Security and Environment Department to make each job a safe one. At BISSO MARINE, every employee is truly a member of our safety department.

With the ever increasing requirements set forth by Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and the importance of having a safe and trained workforce, BISSO MARINE has developed a Health, Safety and Environmental Management System which sets forth our commitment to safe operation.  This HSE Management System is a collection of integrated, documented processes that define how we as an organization will meet our HSE Objectives.  The goal of the HSE management system is to promote Safety and Environmental protection by assuring that all employees are trained, understand and follow the policies and procedures for working safely.

We employ an aggressive behavioral based safety program that stresses the importance of thinking before acting. Our safety program begins at the hiring phase; we will not hire an employee unless he or she has significant experience and has demonstrated a commitment to safety. After carefully screening prospective employees, we immediately indoctrinate our people in the BISSO MARINE culture of safety. New employees undergo rigorous safety training “in the classroom” before being sent to the field. At hire, all employees go through an orientation program that covers:

  • OSHA Super Session – for all employees
  • First Aid / CPR – for all employees
  • Water Survival with Swing Rope & HUET – for all field employees
  • Rigger Certification – for on-deck personnel and divers
  • Incipient Fire Fighting – for all field & yard employees
  • Crane and Forklift Certifications – for designated employees
  • Confined Space Awareness – for all employees
  • Confined Space Entry Certification – for designated employees
  • Operator Qualification Solutions Group (OQSG) Knowledge and Skills Training – for diving employees
  • Veriforce Training – for diving employees
  • Nondestructive Training (MP, UT & FMD) – for diving employees
  • STCW and Bridge Simulator Training – for USCG licensed employees
  • Advanced Fire Fighting – for USCG licensed employees
  • Behavior Based Safety Training – for all employees

Through our in-house safety trainers and our outside safety consultants, our employees undergo comprehensive safety training on a regular basis. Our training program includes:

  • Safety and Environmental Management Training (SEMS)
  • Bisso Marine’s HSE Management System Training
  • OMSA – Safe Gulf
  • General Safety Training in the major OSHA disciplines
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness for both the employee and supervisor
  • Emergency procedures and Emergency Action Plan
  • Incident Reporting Instructions
  • Personal Protective Equipment

BISSO MARINE embraces the Short Service Employee (SSE) philosophy through assigning a mentor for the on the job training which occurs in the field.  New employees are required to wear a “high-visibility orange” hard hat during the first six months of employment to alert others that this employee is “in training”.

In recognition of the fact that safe workers are drug-free workers, BISSO MARINE is also on the cutting edge with respect to drug and alcohol testing.  Our drug and alcohol policy is simple – zero tolerance.  Every prospective employee undergoes a thorough background check and is given a pre-employment drug and alcohol test.  Each of our vessels and facilities is subject to random drug testing each quarter.  In addition to random testing, we utilize post-incident, “probable cause”, pre-access testing to insure a truly drug free work force.  Bisso Marine is a member of both  the Pipeline Testing Consortium (DOT) and DISA.  We also perform frequent bag and room searches and regularly employ drug detecting dogs to keep our vessels and facilities drug free.

BISSO MARINE is committed to working safely. In 2008 BISSO MARINE implemented a new Safety Award Program to reinforce the company’s absolute commitment to safety. In addition to awarding quarterly individual and team incentives for safe work, each January BISSO MARINE randomly selects one employee who worked the previous year without having had an OSHA recordable incident, a disciplinary write-up, or a negative performance review. The winner (see photo above) receives his or her choice of an inshore bay boat, a bass boat or a double cab pickup truck. BISSO MARINE does not just talk safety, it backs up that talk with a financial commitment to the safety of its people and the environment.


BISSO MARINE has made a commitment to achieve Safety Excellence with the goal being Zero Incidents.  Achieving Safety Excellence and having Zero Incidents requires an absolute commitment to safety.  That commitment must come not just from BISSO MARINE, but also from our suppliers and subcontractors. BISSO MARINE therefore demands of itself, its suppliers and subcontractors that required drug testing is performed, that personnel are physically fit to perform their tasks, and that personnel have received all required training for their tasks.

From this date forward you must provide BISSO MARINE with a copy of the following documentation for EACH individual you send to a BISSO MARINE job:

  • TWIC
  • ISN Card
  • Fit for Duty Certificate
  • Current Drug Screen
  • Required Training Certifications (i.e., water survival, welding, rigging, incipient fire, etc.)
  • For catering crew, current Food Handler Card

All documents should be sent to prior to mobilization.  By ensuring that our crews are drug free, physically fit, properly trained, and qualified to perform their jobs, we will go a long way toward achieving Safety Excellence and allowing us to reach our goal of Zero Incidents.  This will also help us perform our work in an efficient and effective manner.

Please let us know right away if you have any questions or comments about this program. Your company will be suspended from our approved vendor list until such time as we receive a copy of this letter signed by an authorized representative of your company.  Please send the signed letter to the address.

We look forward to continuing our relationship and improving the quality and safety of our work.

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