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For more than 100 years, BISSO MARINE has relied on diving to safely perform its marine operations; and since BISSO MARINE is a diving services provider for various maritime and energy sectors, it understands multiple facets of commercial diving operations.

Because of its broad experience and long history, BISSO MARINE has become synonymous with safety, service and reliability in the diving arena. BISSO MARINE is totally committed to the safety, health and welfare of its team, its customers, and the environment. Diving, like any other skilled craft, is unique to the individual, NOT all divers are good at ALL diving functions; selecting the best diver for a task is more important than a dive rotation. The BISSO MARINE diving philosophy is further summed up in five simple rules: Safe Diving is about Life Support – First! Understand the Task at Hand! Total Stop Work Authority! NO Failures to Communicate! NO Shortcuts!

BISSO MARINE’s objective is to conduct the safest and most responsible diving operations by any measure, regardless of task. Whether diving inland or offshore, doing pipeline tie-ins or rigging 5” chain to 500 ton shackles, diving on air, mixed gases or in saturation, all of our customers should expect and will receive unsurpassed service, quality, safety and professionalism.

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