2007 - 1.76

2008 - 1.17

2009 - 0.494

2010 - 0.23

2011 - 0.75

2012 - 0.36


2006-2007 - 0.95

2007-2008 - 0.99

2008-2009 - 0.80

2009-2010 - 0.85

2010-2011 - 0.85

2011-2012 - 0.87


2007 - 1,361,927

2008 - 1,543,533

2009 - 1,601,920

2010 - 1,701,489

2011 - 1,139,182

2012 - 1,096,799

Safest 70 Award

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SEMS Compliance Page


Bisso Marine has made a commitment to achieve Safety Excellence with the goal being Zero Incidents.  Achieving Safety Excellence and having Zero Incidents requires an absolute commitment to safety.  That commitment must come not just from Bisso Marine, but also from our suppliers and subcontractors.  Bisso Marine therefore demands of itself, its suppliers and subcontractors that required drug testing is performed, that personnel are physically fit to perform their tasks, and that personnel have received all required training for their tasks. 

From this date forward you must provide Bisso Marine with a copy of the following documentation for EACH individual you send to a Bisso Marine job:

  • TWIC
  • ISN Card
  • Resume
  • Current Physical
  • Current Drug Screen
  • Required Training Certifications (i.e., water survival, welding, rigging, incipient fire, etc.)
  • For catering crew, current Food Handler Card

All documents should be sent to prior to mobilization.  By ensuring that our crews are drug free, physically fit, properly trained, and qualified to perform their jobs, we will go a long way toward achieving Safety Excellence and allowing us to reach our goal of Zero Incidents.  This will also help us perform our work in an efficient and effective manner. 

Please let Eva Cancienne, Bisso’s HSE Director know right away if you have any questions or comments about this program. Your company will be suspended from our approved vendor list until such time as we receive a copy of this letter signed by an authorized representative of your company.  Please send the signed letter to the address.

We look forward to continuing our relationship and improving the quality and safety of our work.