For more than 125 years, BISSO MARINE has been providing

unsurpassed service and quality to the marine and energy industries. BISSO MARINE performs marine construction, pipelaying, salvage, heavy lift and diving services. With offices and strategic alliances located across the Gulf Coast, South America, Europe and Asia, the BISSO MARINE fleet of derrick barges, pipelay barges, dive boats, tugs and support vessels is uniquely positioned to provide services and respond to marine casualties around the world. BISSO MARINE brings together unparalleled experience, the highest quality equipment and engineered solutions to get the job done.

BISSO MARINE : Mission Statement

The Mission of BISSO MARINE is to continue as a pacesetter in the energy and marine support industries, while providing our customers with unparalleled safety, quality, efficiency and productivity. We are committed to the absolute safety of ALL people associated with ALL aspects of the company and its projects. BISSO MARINE is equally committed to doing its part to respect and preserve the sanctity of the environment and the fragile marine ecosystems in which we work.

As our historical performance illustrates, BISSO MARINE is committed to the growth and development of the company. We continually seek to improve our performance and productivity by melding technological advancements with more than a century of experience.

Safety First – Safety Always




2010 – 0.23
2011 – 0.75
2012 – 0.31
2013 – 0.30
2014 – 0.40




2009-2010 – 0.85
2010-2011 – 0.85
2011-2012 – 0.87
2012-2013 – 0.82
2013-2014 – 0.79




2010 – 1,701,489
2011 – 1,139,182
2012 – 1,275,119
2013 – 1,324,962
2014 – 1,901,662